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Here Comes the Sun
Written by George Harrison
Performed by Bob Bowdon and The Reformers

“Sun, sun, sun, here it comes!” As our movement and The Center for Education Reform comes of age tonight, we are pleased to share with you the new CER, re-engineered (and with a new look) to address the increasing demand by the general public for a central hub to serve their daily information needs and provide ready access to opportunities to become more engaged in the education reform space.

Teacher I Need You
Written by Elton John
Performed by The Reformers

Eva S. Moskowitz
Former NYC Councilwoman & CEO, Success Charter Network

True to the lyrics, Eva is “an inspiration for [so many students’] graduation, and she helps to keep the classroom sane.” This diva of education reform — through her political, personal and professional life — Eva is an unwavering and aggressive advocate for children’s achievement. Her work as the founder and the CEO of Success Charter Network has brought much-needed attention to the need for better educational opportunities through such highly controversial and bold films like Waiting for Superman and The Lottery. For rockin’ education reform like a true diva, the Glam Rock EdReformie goes to… Eva Moskowitz.

Smoking in the Boys Room
Recorded by Brownsville Station
Performed by The Reformers

The Honorable John Boehner
Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives

There’s no question that this “leader” is a true reform rebel. Not only has Speaker Boehner been one of the most outspoken supporters of school choice for decades, he’s never let political pressure [“…don’t you fill me up with your rules”] get in the way of ensuring children access to a better education. It’s not often (in fact, unprecedented) that the Speaker of the House would make school choice legislation his top priority and the only bill he would sponsor after taking leadership of the US House of Representatives. And while his conviction and political will reinstated the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program, Boehner’s commitment to accountability in schools, charter schools and teacher reforms that work has resulted in the passage of numerous reforms – like the bipartisan No Child Left Behind Act. Boehner’s been rockin’ reform before it was cool. That’s why the Classic Rock EdReformie goes to…Speaker of the House, John Boehner.

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough
Written by Nickolas Ashford & Valerie Simpson
Performed by Dawn Chavous & The Reformers

Kevin P. Chavous
Former D.C. Councilman & Partner, SNR Denton

As a policymaker, parent, author and attorney there really is “no mountain high enough, no valley low enough, no river wide enough” to keep Chavous from putting everything he’s got into Serving Our Children. A prominent African-American Democrat, Chavous was at the forefront of promoting change within the DC public school system. Under his leadership on the DC Council, charter schools to over 40 serving 17,000 students in six short years. After Chavous left his political life, he took his show on the road and climbs mountains every day for children most in need. His relentless nature led to the creation and protection of the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program – almost landing him in a DC jail. For all of this and so much more, the Motown EdReformie goes to…Kevin Chavous.

With A Little Help From My Friends
Arrangement by Joe Cocker, Written by Paul McCartney
Performed by Jonas Chartock, Bob Bowdon, Paul Powell & The Reformers

John Fisher, President, Pisces, Inc. & Chairman, KIPP Foundation
Thousands of children have gotten by with a lot of help from this friend. A true hero of education reform, John’s passion to impact great education started in his formidable years, supporting his father’s (Don Fisher) vision that knowledge is power. For decades, this family affair has led to almost every path-breaking, innovative and successful reform effort to date – KIPP, Teach for America, GreatSchools.net – to name only a few. Despite his modest nature John and his wife, Laura, continue to be real friends of the battle for educational freedom churning out idea after idea for the next phases of the education reform revolution. John’s philanthropy and brainpower has helped hundreds of thousands of children, who would normally fall through the cracks, break the cycle of poverty and get ahead. John’s volunteerism has encouraged others to get involved in the movement. John’s belief that all kids, despite their background, can succeed with a great education only makes our movement stronger. That is why, as we come of age nearly two decades in, the Rock EdReformie goes to… John Fisher.

A Place in the Sun
Single by Stevie Wonder
Performed by The Reformers

John Legend
Activist & Entertainer

Despite being one of the world’s most talented and popular musicians, John Legend is an unsung hero of education reform. Lending his celebrity and talents to the movement, John Legend’s commitment to making schools work better for all children is contagious, thankfully. His passion and involvement with charter schools like Harlem Village Academies and teacher programs like Teach for America have put some rhythm in the education reform space. Very publically, John Legend continues to express his view that education is the “civil rights issue of our time.” Featured in Waiting for Superman, Legend’s original song articulates his belief that all children can succeed if we just “let them shine.” For shining the spotlight on our crisis and holding true to the belief that, “there’s a place in the sun, where there’s hope for everyone,” the R&B EdReformie goes to…John Legend.

I Feel the Earth Move
Written by Carole King
Performed by Dawn Chavous & The Reformers

Katherine Brittain Bradley
President, CityBridge Foundation

Katherine Bradley is truly one of the nation’s leading education reform movers and shakers. For over two decades, Katherine has driven reform by strategically launching efforts that focus on community engagement and volunteerism. Katherine has engaged partners in the fight for better educational opportunities in Washington, DC and throughout the country by developing and identifying education ideas and leaders and placing in them her confidence to act. She has opened her home and heart, not only to raise money for these causes but awareness of the plight of children here and across the earth. As one of the most generous, visible and successful movers of the Nation’s Capital, the Pop EdReformie goes to…Katherine Bradley.

Written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards
Performed by Derrell Bradford and The Reformers

Steve Klinsky
Founder & CEO, New Mountain Capital

Steve Klinsky does not get any “satisfaction” from the status quo. So, despite being a highly successful businessman, Steve turned his focus to serve children most in need. First, and in honor of this late brother, he started the Gary Klinsky Educational Centers to provide a free, safe, and nurturing place for low-income children in some of the Big Apple’s most depressed neighborhoods. Like most rockstars, he began a network of charter schools before doing so was a sure hit, and today his vision has resulted in an independent company, Victory Education Partners, that over the past ten years has helped dozens of schools and school districts in NY, IL, DE and MD affecting the lives of more than 10,000 children and been an engine for economic development in some of America’s poorest neighborhoods. His support and involvement with Strayer University has helped provide opportunities for students who would otherwise never have access to a higher education. For the thousands of children who do get “satisfaction” from his efforts, the Hard Rock EdReformie goes to…Steve Klinsky.

Harper Valley PTA
Single by Jeannie C. Riley
Performed by Jeanne Allen and The Reformers

Brian Williams
Anchor & Managing Editor, NBC Nightly News
As the nation’s most well-respected and influential journalist, Brian Williams has thrust the education crisis into the homes and minds of millions of Americans. His work at NBC, particularly Williams’ contributions to Education Nation, has bucked the status quo, and made a critical difference in helping spark public awareness of the problems and the many solutions being pursued. Williams’ wit, intelligence and telegenic personality have not only kept reform a hot issue at NBC, but shows there’s much more to reporting than just being on the beat. Williams’ passion for creating better educational opportunities does not fade even when the television camera lights do. His personal dedication to programs that change children’s lives and ability to make fun of the obstacles we all face are two other reasons we seek to honor the familiar and famous anchor tonight. He may not be fighting a PTA, but for challenging convention and rockin’ reform on and off the air, the Country EdReformie goes to…Brian Williams.

In My Life
Written by John Lennon
Performed by The Reformers

Since 1993, The Center for Education Reform has generated and shared innovative and actionable ideas and information, stimulated major policy changes, supported and enabled grassroots activism and increased media coverage on behalf of the movement to genuinely reform and improve educational options and performance in the US. We’re proud to say that today more than 2 million children are enjoying the freedom to choose quality schooling options that were not available just 18 short years ago. And, “though [we] know [we’ll] never lose affection, for people and things that went before, [we]” know [we’ll] often stop and think about them,” as lessons learned “In CER’s Life…” as we look ahead to the next 18 years.