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Action Alerts

60 Minutes Highlights Failed Marcus Garvey Charter (1997)

In an effort that will surely discredit the charter school movement, 60 Minutes will air on Sunday, November 2, 1997 a story on the Marcus Garvey Charter School in Washington, DC.


Around the Nation in the Past 90 days (1997)

With the President addressing education prominently in his State-of-the-Union address tonight, we highlight the emerging news and recap what has occurred in just 30 days that gives cause for optimism, and reminds us how hard people at the state and local levels are already working to improve opportunities for children.

Around the Reform World in 30 Days: OH, VA, Milwaukee, FL, NY (1999)

June 30, 1999.  As a fitting lead to Independence day, reformers over this past month have proved that freedom does indeed ring in states and communities nationwide. CER provides updates on activities in Ohio, Virginia, Milwaukee, Florida, and New York.

Around the Reform World in 30 Days: OR, MN, OK, NH (1999)

May 24, 1999.  The Center for Education Reform (CER) is pleased to provide you with this unique in-depth glance at education policy in the making, from Oregon, Minnesota, New Hampshire, and Oklahoma.  

Around the Reform World in 90 Days (1999)

April 23, 1999.  From Florida to California, the state halls are rocking with action on school choice, charter schools and union efforts. CER provides an update on activity happening in Florida, California, Massachusetts, Arkansas, Texas, Oregon, and Tennessee.

Around the States in 30 Days: Reform Whirlwind Draws to a Close (1997)

June 30, 1997. Several happenings in the world of policy – and one of the courts – have occurred in the last 30 days, signifying that tolerance is low for business as usual. Updates on the U.S. Senate, Minnesota, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Ohio, a Hudson Study on charter schools, and the U.S. Supreme Court.


Back-to-School Alert #1: CER Releases Official Charter School Numbers (1999)

August 30, 1999.  According to the Center for Education Reform’s official numbers, 1,684 charter schools will open their doors to approximately 350,000 children in 32 states and the District of Columbia for the 1999-2000 school year.

Back-to-School Alert #1: Charter School Ranks Swell (2000)

August 17, 2000.  The story is simple: Today the Center for Education Reform released figures showing that 518,609 children will be attending charter schools this fall, up 19 1/2 % percent since the Spring.

Back-to-School Alert #2: Phi Delta Kappa/Gallup Poll (2000)

August 22, 2000. How is it — many are asking — that the annual Phi Delta Kappa/Gallup Poll boasts “public approval of the public schools at an all time high” when 2 percent fewer people give the schools in their community As and Bs and more people give their schools a C this year than […]

Back-to-School Alert #2: The Demise of the SAT … and Striking Teachers (1999)

September 3, 1999.  )  Once upon a time the SAT was a solid barometer of student aptitude for higher education.  Now the test makers’ tinkering has called into serious question the effectiveness of the SAT.

Back-to-School Alert #3: Florida Public Schools Strive to Stay Off Failing Schools List (1999)

September 10, 1999. Since the voucher law in Florida allowing scholarships for children in failing schools was ratified five months ago, dozens of public schools have stepped up efforts to improve.

Back-to-School Alert #3: Student Achievement (2000)

August 30, 2000. U.S. achievement remains steady at unacceptable levels of progress, according to analysis of both the latest SAT scores and the results of the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP).

Back-to-School Alert #4: Notable Successes Emerge in Reform (1999)

September 17, 1999. Evidence of improvement among children is joined with policy victories in several venues. This back-to-school alert addresses the “creaming myth”, positive gains for voucher students in Cleveland, Colorado’s charter school law, and choice-friendliness in Washington state.

Back-to-School Alert #4: Students in Need While Unions Vote to Leave (2000)

September 6, 2000. Over the past ten days, the public has awakened to myriad news stories about how children are performing and progressing. So why in the midst of such major news reports are teachers’ unions voting to strike as so many of our most needy children head back to school?


California Charter School Expansion Passes 1998

Surprising and timely approval of a new bill that dramatically eases the ability of charter applicants and spurs quality charter school growth in the Golden State puts California’s charter school law as one of the top in the nation.

Calling All Choice Activists 1998

December 2, 1998. Alert notifying supporters to log onto IntellectualCapital.com to add their comments to a school choice debate expected to have heavy turnout from BLOB supporters.

CER Invites Colleagues To Join Amicus Brief for Milwaukee Choice Program (1997)

February 5, 1997.  The Center for Education Reform (CER) today officially announced they will file an Amicus Brief with the Dane County Circuit Court in Madison, Wisconsin in support of the Milwaukee school choice program.

Charter School Legislation Updates: Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Colorado, Minnesota (1997)

June 12, 1997. Pennsylvania, Colorado and North Carolina have proven that the widespread support for charter schools demands attention and action when education activists take hold of the legislative process. Meanwhile, improvements to Minnesota’s charter law are tied up in the package’s veto by the Governor.

Cleveland Choice Continues! (1997)

July 24, 1997.  The Ohio Supreme Court granted a stay in the Cleveland Choice lawsuit, meaning the injunction put in place by the lower court has been lifted, while the case is being appealed and considered.

Clinton Administration Raises the Ante on School Choice (1997)

Over the weekend, President Clinton voiced the threat of a veto on the DC school choice measure.

Clinton on Tax Credits (1997)

July 30, 1997. An alert to Friends of CER about a letter from the President that discloses his thoughts about tax credits for education.

Coalition to Educate America Exposes NEA Power (1996)

June 27, 1996.  In conjunction with the NEA’s annual meeting, the Coalition will hold a press conference to release findings regarding union attempts to stifle and stop education reforms.

Court Rules Cleveland Program Constitutional 1996

August 1, 1996.The Franklin County, Ohio Court of Common Pleas yesterday ruled that the Cleveland school voucher plan violated neither the Ohio State nor the U.S. Constitution.

Court Says Yes to Milwaukee School Choice 1998

The Wisconsin Supreme Court rules school choice is constitutional, an outcome that is likely to draw national attention once again to the program.


District Judge Rules Against Cleveland Scholarship Program (1999)

December 20, 1999. District Court Judge Solomon Oliver ruled against the Cleveland Scholarship Program, which allows more than 3,000 disadvantaged children to attend the school of their choice.


Education Reform Milestones: Florida, Illinois, Connecticut 1995

March 12, 1995. Group of Florida citizens launch private scholarship program to help underprivileged families; Illinois Senate provides 2,000 low-income kids with choice; Connecticut legislative committee to hear testimony on school choice and charter school bill that lost last year.

Election Day Message: Education Reform Counts; But So Does Having a Clear Message (1998)

November 6, 1998. The public wants high standards, strong accountability systems in place for teachers, schools and students, more choices, and consequences for all of the above.

Excellence in Journalism Award Submissions for 1997

A list of articles submitted to be judged for CER’s Excellence in Journalism awards.


Florida Brings Accountability Home (1999)

April 29, 1999.  Enactment of Florida’s A + Education Package has made education reform history. It is the first statewide choice program and one that stresses public school improvement and accountability.

From The Education Front Lines: Florida & North Carolina (1999)

November 16, 1999. From The Education Front Lines: Florida & North Carolina 1999. The Center for Education Reform provides a unique glance at education policy in the making from key states where some of The Center’s members and friends are involved.


Governors Race to Be the First to Reform (1995)

January 17, 1995.  “In the race to lead the states in meaningful school reform in 1995, Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson has pulled his state out in front,” said Jeanne Allen, President of The Center for Education Reform.


Important Notice to Michigan Media (1999)

September 9, 1999. Rochester PTA uses children to advance political agenda, sending home a leaflet on vouchers that is both sloppy in style and substance.

Important Questions to Ask the National PTA (2000)

As the National Parent Teacher Association convenes in Chicago, Illinois, CER provides education reporters questions to determine whether the PTA leaders are doing and saying what they mean.


Jeanne Allen on National Public Radio’s Diane Rehm Show (2000)

A memo notifying CER friends and board members that Jeanne Allen will be appearing on National Public Radio’s Diane Rehm Show. The topic of the show is teachers and efforts to attract and retain good teachers nationwide.

Join the Celebration for American Education Week

A notice to all charter school leaders providing ideas and tips for celebrating American Education Week, a celebration of public education that typically forgets about charter schools.

Justice Gets Spanked, Missouri Urban Schools Fail Again, and The Ohio Empire Strikes Back (1999)

Congress tells Justice Department it has no right to interfere in the private choices of Louisiana families, St. Louis and Kansas City, Missouri school systems lose accreditation, and special interest groups in Ohio protest charter schools.


Know Who Will Fight For Your Children (1999)

CER President Jeanne Allen urges citizens to learn as much as they can about local candidates and school board members.


Letter to Nancy Grasmick on Charter Schools from Jeanne Allen (2004)

Letter to Nancy Grasmick on Charter Schools from Jeanne Allen (2004)

Lincoln Park, NJ Board Votes for Children Not Jobs (1997)

FEbruary 12, 1997.  The Lincoln Park School District voted 7-2 to allow parents the right to choose where they can send their children to high school.

Local Interest in Charter Schools in Baltimore, Maryland (2004)

The Center for Education Reform has had meetings with 18 individual and groups considering developing a plan for a charter school. Requested for information and meetings continue.

Los Angeles Failing Schools 2009

Los Angeles residents who support Mayor Villaraigosa’s plan to overhaul low-performing schools are called upon to make their voices heard.


Major Charter School Rulings Issued in Two States (2000)

May 11, 2000. In New Jersey, the Council on Local Mandates upheld the legality of regional charter schools, but in South Carolina, the state Supreme Court ruled that the state’s charter school law is unconstitutional because of one provision.

Maryland Charter School Network 2001

A call to rally for public school choice and charter schools, sponsored by the Maryland Charter School Network.

Media Advisory: 15 Years and Still A Nation At Risk?

April 1, 1998. Prominent Education Reformers Convene to Assess Condition of U.S. Schools.


New Jersey Charters Get Green Light from State Board (1998)

April 3, 1998. Despite efforts of school districts to prevent charter schools from opening their doors in their New Jersey communities, the NJ State Board of Education heard and sanctioned thirteen of the fourteen charters challenged by school boards.

New Jersey Clears Path for Charter Schools (1999)

April 4, 1999. Superior Court rules it is premature to decide whether the charter schools in question have a deleterious effect on regular public schools and their ability to educate students.

New York State Has a Charter School Law 1998

December 18, 1998.  The New York State Senate and State Assembly both vote yes on charter school legislation in the early morning hours.


Oregon Connections Academy 2009

The State Board of Education considers a law that could force the online learning school to close.


Parents Network for Better Education: Georgia

A coalition of Georgia parents, educators, and citizens rallying together to help Georgia families create better school options for Georgia’s children.

Pennsylvania Choice Effort: Technical Knock-Out

June 19, 1995.  Governor Tom Ridge conceded defeat of his school choice proposal late Friday night, falling only seven votes short in the House of those needed for passage.

Pennsylvania Reform 2011

Pennsylvanians who support school choice are called upon to make their voices heard.

Planning to be in Washington D.C. for the National Charter Schools Conference? (2000)

An invitation to attend a Tribute to Charter School Achievements, hosted by The Center for Education Reform and partners.

President Clinton Offers Scholarships; K-12 School Children Need Not Apply (1997)

July 17, 1997.  President Clinton’s proposed $350 million scholarship program for teachers today to entice them to inner city and rural schools appears to be another – in a long list – of scholarships. And again, school-aged children, and their families, are left out in the cold.

President Proposes Same Education Proposal from 1986 (1999)

May 19, 1999.  The President’s latest educational proposal (as described in the May 19th edition of The New YorkTimes) to allow low-income children to go to any public school in their district is about 15 years behind the times.


Questions To Ask The NEA and AFT (2000)

As the National Education Association (NEA) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) both convene this weekend, CER provides education reporters with questions to ask to discern whether or not the unions’ expressed views and stated objectives are consistent with their actions.


Reform Update: Washington D.C., Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington, Minnesota (1996)

February 21, 1996.  In several places it’s down to the wire for charter schools and choice, and CER is working hard to see these efforts through. This reform update provides a quick overview of efforts in DC, OH, PA, WA, and MN.

Rochester PTA Uses Children to Advance Political Agenda (1999)

September 9, 1999. CER’s alert -and subsequent coverage by the National Review- of the troubling campaign tactics used by opponents of vouchers. The mother of a student at North Hill Elementary in Rochester, Michigan sent CER the following leaflet which was in poor taste and lacked facts.


Save DC Opportunity Scholarship Program 2009

A call for supporters to send letters to U.S. Senators and President Obama.

Save DC Opportunity Scholarship Program 2009: A Supporter’s Letter

A letter to President Obama from a trustee of the Washington Jesuit Academy who sees the benefits of the Opportunity Scholarship Program first-hand.

School Choice In Connecticut 1995

A school choice measure that would provide local school districts the option of having full district-wide choice is withdrawn from the floor.

School Choice in the News (1999)

June 25, 1999. CER calls attention to a Washington Post article from Friday June 25 that presents a discouraging picture on choice programs despite the abundance of evidence that choice programs are having an impact on school districts.


Unions Lose Again! Michigan Charter School Law Determined Constitutional (1997)

July 30, 1997. The Michigan Supreme Court rendered its decision this afternoon to uphold the state’s charter school legislation after a much- heated battle by the unions theorizing that it was unconstitutional. They were voted down 5-1.

Update on Charter Schools: Michigan Moves Forward (1993)

December 6, 1993.  A description of Michigan charter school legislation changes concerning funding, authorizers, and regulations, and what Governor John Engler had to do with moving the needle for Michigan’s children and the charter school movement.

Urgent Message to New Jersey Charter Schools (1998)

December 14, 1998.  The NJ Senate will be voting on a public school choice bill which will restrict the ability of children in each district to attend other public schools of choice at their will.

Urgent Message to New Jersey Lawmakers (1998)

December 16, 1998.  Charter schools would be seriously restricted under the pending open-enrollment bill.


Washington State Charter School Bill Defeated 1998

March 5, 1998. A handful of Washington State lawmakers can shoulder the blame for the defeat of a charter school bill on Monday, March 2.

Why Montgomery County Maryland Won’t Have Charter Schools Yet 1998

Montgomery County’s decision to okay charter schools irrelevant because the state of Maryland does not yet have a charter school law.

Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules Milwaukee School Choice Constitutional (June 1998)

Choice IS constitutional, says the Wisconsin Supreme Court today, in a decision that is expected to draw national attention once again to the program “that made Milwaukee famous.” First instituted in 1991 for 1,000 children in non-sectarian schools it was upheld by the courts shortly thereafter.


You Say You Want A Revolution… U.S. News & World Report Response (1998)

April 23, 1998. CER President Jeanne Allen aims to set the record straight by responding to mischaracterizations and blatant errors in a charter schools report, and encourages others to respond to the report.