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Charter Schools: Arianna Huffington 2002

“Charter Schools Are Transforming Public Education: Is Anyone Running For Office Paying Attention?”, an opinion piece by Arianna Huffington.


Discussions with Arizona Contacts on Charter School Efforts (2003)

July 2, 2003.  Memo sheds light on discussions with contacts in Arizona willing to help with CER’s charter school efforts in the Grand Canyon State.  Onnie Shekerjian expresses concerns about the current charter school atmosphere in Arizona.


Husted Announcement: Ohio Charter Schools (2005)

March 30, 2005.  CER is called upon to keep reform moving forward as Speaker Jon Husted’s vision for the charter school program is to slow down growth until the state gets a better handle on accountability.


New Jersey Math Concerns (2007)

June 14, 2007. CER President Jeanne Allen emails Liz Gnall regarding the fight in Ridgewood/Bergen County, New Jersey for proven math approaches.


Ohio Charter Schools: Dispatch Editorial (2006)

November 13, 2006.  A notice to individuals in the reform movement of a positive Ohio Dispatch editorial, “State should continue backing charter schools with improvements,” regarding charter schools and the recent ruling upholding the constitutionality of the Buckeye State’s charter school law.


Unionizing Massachusetts Charter Schools: Memo to Charter School Leaders (2005)

The Massachusetts Federation of Teachers is trying to unionize charter schools, and many teachers and leaders have been asking CER for additional information about alternative professional teacher organizations and the benefits of charter schools remaining union free.


Washington Post Article on Charter Schools (2003)

June 19, 2003.  A note to Washington, D.C. charter school leaders from CER President Jeanne Allen notifying them of misrepresentations in a Washington Post article. Allen notes that situations like these underscore why it is vital that DC have a new charter school association that is able to respond to such issues.

West Virginia Charter School Legislation Concerns (2009)

March 25, 2009.  Kara Kerwin corresponds with Sallye Clark, nothing that current legislation on the table is vague, limits authorizing to only the state board, and does not address how charter schools will be funded.