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State Campaign Plans

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Arizona Survey and Trip Report and Next Steps (2003)

September 15, 2003.  An assessment of how Arizona’s charter movement can grow and become a more effective force in the state.


Baltimore Charter Applicant Update (2003)

The following provides a brief update on the first round o f contacts o f potential applicants made in Baltimore, Maryland. Part of CER’s Building Better Schools campaign.

Building Better Schools Draft Plan (2003)

Updates on a draft plan where goal is successul applications for charter from Baltimore City Public School System (BCPSS)

Building Better Schools for Maryland’s Neediest (2003)

October 27, 2003.  Despite its long-standing, strong reputation for quality schools, Maryland is in need of more and better educational opportunities for children. Maryland’s charter school law is one of the nation’s weakest, and this is a campaign to change that.


Cataloging the Library

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CER: School Choice in the United States: State by State Analysis Fall 1993

Fall 1993. Virtually every state in the nation allows some sort of school choice to families, but the degree to which parents can choose varies greatly. CER rounds up each law state by state.

Charter School Efforts in Missouri (2005)

February 11, 2005. Notes on various charter school related items, including an effort to create a statewide charter school association, the landscape of charter school facilities, charter school achievement, and improving charter school law.


Fast Facts on Washington D.C. School Reform (2003)

July 17, 2003. Important information on DC School Reform Proposals

Fiscal Equity Campaign Updates: Connecticut & Missouri (2007)

July 18, 2007. A memo regarding a conference call with Larry Maloney & Teisha Johnson from Sonnenschein law firm during which the progress of the FEC in Connecticut and Missouri was discussed.

Fiscal Equity Campaign: Missouri FY 2006 Revenue Distribution and FY 2007 Revenue Estimate

The Center for Education Reform asked Aspire Consulting to evaluate the revenue provided to Missouri districts and companion charter schools for FY 2006 and FY 2007 with the objective of determining if charter schools are receiving their fair portion of revenue under the state’s new funding formula.

Fiscal Equity Plan

This campaign is an effort to organize and file lawsuits in Connecticut, Georgia and Missouri that challenge how these states fund charter schools so as to ensure these schools receive every dollar they are entitled to.


Maryland Grassroots Action Plan (2003)

April 22, 2003.  Memo about mobilizing grassroots advocates to put pressure on the Governor to veto the charter bill.


New Jersey Charter School Advocacy Project Proposal

E3 seeks to undertake a statewide advocacy program that develops and sustains a real grassroots presence in New Jersey for charter schools. In addition, E3 and CER together will launch a major communications project aimed at improving understanding and support for charter schools.

Preliminary Business Plan of Action for Education Reform in Kentucky (2009)

The conclusions of the Center for Education Reform’s environmental assessment

of the political, social and educational climate of Kentucky, along with a plan

outlining the structure, goals and strategies to be executed in the building of a successful

and comprehensive educational reform effort.


Rally for School Choice 2002

Calls on DC parents to support the Cleveland Scholarship Case before the U.S. Supreme Court.


Target States Initiative Action Plan (2002)

August 6, 2002. To advance the charter and choice movement (in some cases) into solid, well-organized, politically sound territory, the following steps have been taken to create a state action plan for target states.


Wyoming 2008 Efforts

An overview of the effort to create an independent charter school authorizes in Wyoming.

Wyoming Timeline of Activities (2009)

April 2, 2009. The Center for Education Reform has long looked at Wyoming as a state to watch and help cultivate its charter school movement.