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American Education Week Toolkit (2005)

A notice to all charter school leaders to join the celebration for the 84th annual American Education Week with suggested themes, activities, and ways to get the message out.


Candidate Education Meter (2000)

A guide to help you measure the reform depths of those running for office.

Checklist for Planning a Charter School

Careful, thoughtful planning is the key to the success of any enterprise.  Charter schools are no exception, so here’s a helpful overview in checklist form of what it takes in the planning stages of opening a charter school.


Education Reform 2002: A Voter’s Guide (2002)

October 2002. CER assesses where candidates for governor and state education chief stand on critical education reform issues, such as charter schools, school choice, and testing.

Election Center: Vote EdReform Guide (2008)

A guide that goes in-depth on where candidates for governor and superintendent stand on education issues like charter schools, performance pay, school choice, and testing.

Explosive Growth in Charter Schools (2005)

A guide for charter school activists containing a number of resources to help make the case for why charter schools are the most compelling public education reform to date.


Getting The Word Out: Charter Schools Do Succeed (2006)

August 21, 2006. A guide for charter school activists that has tips on educating the media, engaging lawmakers and community leaders, and informing parents.


Legislators Guide to Education Reform (2007)

March 2007. This toolkit provides information to lawmakers bold enough to challenge the status quo in order to adopt critical reforms that are most conducive to helping students succeed in school.


National Charter Schools Week Action Kit (2004)

A week-long agenda of suggested themes and activities for charter schools during National Charter Schools Week.


Testing the Constitutionality of Charter Schools (2005)

A guide for legislators that offers a glimpse of major legal battles across the states since 1996. There are hundreds of others at lower levels, but this analysis reveals that all of the state legal battles against charter schools are battles of publicity, not legal merit.

The New ESEA: A Primer For Policy Makers (2002)

This primer contains questions and answers to help schools and districts put in place systems that meet new Federal demands set in motion by the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act.

The New ESEA: What It Means For Charter Schools

Questions and answers to help charter schools put in place systems that meet new Federal demands set in motion by the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act. Charter schools are not unfamiliar with performance contracts, whereas traditional public schools will be grappling with this sort of accountability for the first time.

The School Reform Handbook: How to Improve Your Schools

The School Reform Handbook, published in 1995 by the Center for Education Reform is the quintessential guide for anyone seeking a guide to how they can improve schools in their community or their state and across the country.

Turning Struggles Into Opportunities (2003)

Advice on how to tackle and overcome struggles charter schools face.