Singer, David

Head of School University Prep, Denver, CO

Entering urban education a decade ago, David Singer started his career as a high school math teacher. Within his first six years of teaching, Singer served as a founding teacher of two small high schools, one as part of a small schools initiative to convert a comprehensive high school into a group of smaller, high performing schools, and the other a turnaround in the heart of Denver, CO. While working relentlessly to change the life trajectories of high school students, Singer recognized the need to serve the same children in the same Denver community but at a much younger age. Entering the Building Excellent Schools Fellowship, a year-long, highly intensive leadership training program for future founders and leaders of game changing urban charter schools, Singer spent the next two years preparing tirelessly to launch University Prep, a K – 5th grade public charter school in the Curtis Park neighborhood of Denver. Opening its doors in August of 2011 to 110 kindergarten and 1st grade scholars, University Prep, now in its third year, serves more than 240 children from across the community in grades K through 3. The sole mission of the school is to educate every scholar for a four-year college degree, proving that demography is not destiny, and that all children have the right to a life of opportunity.

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