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Nine Lies About School Choice (2003)

December 2003.  Empirical and anecdotal evidence showing that school choice is equitable, desired, and works exists. Nine Lies addresses the nine most prominent falsehoods – lies – that still exist today despite evidence that has accumulated in ten years.

Myths addressed:

1) Choice will destroy the American public school tradition, siphoning off needed funds and decreasing quality in public schools while leading to segregation and division.
2) Choice will leave the poor behind in the worst schools.
3) Extremists such as the Ku Klux Klan, religious cults, or other radical groups will start schools.
4) Allowing public funds to be used for tuition at religious schools is unconstitutional.
5) Private schools are largely unregulated and therefore not accountable to the public.
6) Accepting public funds would make private schools vulnerable to intrusive government regulation.
7) Vouchers don’t cover the cost of private schools. Poor families will be left behind.
8) There are neither enough tuition scholarships nor enough seats in private schools for more students.
9) There is no evidence that school choice works.