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Clopton, Paul

Co-Founder, Mathematically Correct!

Paul Clopton is a co-founder of Mathematically Correct, an organization of parents, mathematicians, scientists, teachers, and others advocating for improvements in mathematics education. Professionally, he is a statistician with the Department of Veterans Affairs in San Diego where he works collaborates in biomedical research projects with the faculty of the UCSD school of medicine. He also tutors students from the middle school to the graduate school level in statistics and experimental design. He is Vice Chair of the Education Technology Advisory Committee for California. He served as a member of the Mathematics Content Panel that worked on the content of the augmented California STAR mathematics exams and on the California Mathematics Curriculum Framework and Criteria Committee. He has co-authored competitive Algebra exams for the Mathematics Council of Western Pennsylvania, reviews of the statewide assessment system in Texas, and several textbook reviews. Mr. Clopton served on the San Diego Mathematics Standards Committee and on various mathematics textbook adoption committees. He has provided testimony to the House of Representatives Committee on Education and the Workforce, the National Research Council, and the National Assessment Governing Board, and met with Richard Riley, Secretary of Education, to discuss mathematics education. He has two children attending public school in San Diego.

Mathematically Correct is a nationwide organization dedicated to the improvement of mathematics education. The membership spans the political spectrum. Good mathematics instruction is not an issue of just one party or one political point of view. Mathematically Correct supports high standards of learning and well designed, objective studies to measure effectiveness of various programs and teaching methods. Members of Mathematically Correct have contributed to the writing of the California Mathematics Standards, the California Science Standards, the California Mathematics Framework, the California STAR test, the California Mathematics Program Advisory and the San Diego City Schools Mathematics Standards. They have also given invited testimony to committees of the US House of Representatives, and both the California Assembly and Senate. Members recently met, at his request, with Richard Riley, Secretary of Education, to discuss key issues in mathematics education.