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Rebarber, Ted

CEO, Accountability Works, DC

Rebarber is CEO and founder of AccountabilityWorks (AW), a nonprofit education organization whose mission is to support states, schools and parents in implementing research-based practices and high quality education assessment and accountability
systems. AW works on a wide range of policy research analyses and proposals, such as reform costs, differential and performance-based compensation, program evaluation, teacher certification, academic standards and testing. AW also develops and administers a sophisticated online assessment system. Prior to AW, Rebarber was co-founder and Chief Education Officer of Advantage Schools, Inc., a charter school management company operating in 10 states that achieved high achievement gains with disadvantaged students, including ESL and special needs. He served as a legislative and communications director for a senior Member of Congress and was the main staff author of federal charter schools and school choice legislation for the District of Columbia. Rebarber was responsible for academic standards and test development at Edison Schools. He worked on standards based reform and research-based practices at the U.S. Department of Education under President George H. W. Bush. Before that he was with the Vanderbilt Institute for Public Policy Studies (VIPPS), where he researched education policy and assisted states in designing effective reforms. Rebarber has testified before the US Congress and state legislatures as well as authored a number of articles and publications.