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Edspresso LIVE! – Education Nation, Day 1

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Random notes from form the ‘Job One’ panel at Education Nation:
Preparing America’s students to compete in the global economy

– Hosted by Maria Bartiromo

– After spouting a depressingly honest list of the proficiency levels and global rankings of U.S. students, Sally Ride: “This is not the ‘We’re number one!” (America) is used to…”

– Sally Ride: Our K-12 system is ailing our students, failing corporate America

– David Coleman: (speaking scientifically), All things being equal, there are great differences between teachers. We must be vigilent in rewarding great teachers and shielding kids from those who fail.

– Craig Barrett: On schools of education: Get someone with content expertise in the classroom. We have schools of education with dumbed down math standards. Start w/ content knowledge then add pedegogy.

– Craig Barrett: We’ve been talking about (the education crisis) for decades. After A Nation at Risk, multiple governors’ meetings, Gathering Storm 1 and 2, I am looking for action. I am not looking for words.

– Sally Ride: One of the advantages of technology is the collection of data to see what is working for students so that districts can focus on those programs and teachers making a difference, and to see where both are lacking.

– Dick Parsons: I ran a bank and we could not place high school grads as tellers because they could not make change or communicate with customers…

– Craig Barrett: When asked by Intel to take a course on incorporating tech in the classroom,the  general response form U.S. teachers was “How much will I get paid” and “Is there a per diem”? 7 million teachers trained worldwide, only 200,000 in he U.S.

– Dick Parson: Parents, it’s about expectations, setting them and holding your kids accountable. We have set for our country and teaching profession far too low a bar. Parents have set too low a bar as well.

Random Thoughts:

– Two moms hijacked much of the Q&A

– Is it in the final contract that governor’s of states who won R2TT money have to shill for the program and the Administration? Gov. Markell of Delaware puffed up his state (from the back of the audience) and his teachers union, saying they worked hand in hand to reform education in Delaware. Is a continued campaign to bring down charter schools in the First State reform? Are fuzzy teacher evaluations working hard for kids?