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Now What? Podcasts with the Pioneers

Join Reality Check with Jeanne Allen and the pioneers of education opportunity, looking at how a new president, new legislators, new everything will impact the cause of Educational Freedom. Stay Tuned for the Release

Why America? Session 9: Presidential Inaugurations

Join us with by the National Endowment for the Humanities and Inaugural Stories from Our First Three Ladies Who Set the Standard for Years to Come!

CER is well-known for its unique and exceptional events that bring together innovators and entrepreneurs in and around education, technology and policy. We partner with equally impactful groups to expand the reach of our messages and work, which we can achieve collectively if we all understand that education is the path to the future. Whether we are having an event today or you “join” the thought leaders of past events, you won’t want to miss an “episode” to see the amazing and diverse action taking place across the country.