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Daily Headlines for February 9, 2011

Educating Our Children: Catholic Schools Doing More With Less
Fox News, February 8, 2011
Earlier this month, President Obama challenged high schools across the county to compete against each other in the second annual “Race to the Top” educational success program for the chance to have him give the commencement address at their graduation. Not included in the contest, though, are the more than 2 million students in America’s Catholic schools. If they could participate, the nation’s parochial schools would be fearsome competitors.

Teachers’ Colleges Upset By Plan to Grade Them
New York Times, NY, February 9, 2011
Grades are the currency of education – teachers give them to students, administrators grade teachers and states often assign grades to schools.



California Education Reform May Be Facing a Brownout
Mercury News, CA, February 8, 2011
Across the country, governors have become serious about education reform. New Jersey ‘s Chris Christie and Florida ‘s Rick Scott are leading the charge for eliminating teacher tenure, instituting merit pay and focusing on accountability and efficiency.

State Ed Board Faces A Moment Of Choice
Sacramento Bee, CA , February 9, 2011
Today, Gov. Jerry Brown’s new State Board of Education faces its first major test on a contentious issue. How should the state handle petitions by parents asking for major restructuring of chronically underperforming schools under the new Parent Empowerment Act of 2009?

Expand a Proven Finance Solution for All Charter Schools
Huffington Post, NY, February 8, 2011
California public schools, including the charter school that I established in Highland Park , are facing a cash-flow crisis created by the state’s deferral of more than 60 percent of our annual budget.


Charter School Supporters Pack City Meeting
News Herald, FL, February 8, 2011
She was one of many Bay Haven supporters who packed into the Lynn Haven City Commission meeting room Tuesday night to let the commission know about their support for the charter school that intends to move into the former Sallie Mae building, located in a Lynn Haven industrial park.


Charter Schools Reveal How To Step Out Of The Box
Bangor Daily News, ME, February 8, 2011
Bangor School Superintendent Betsy Webb recently spoke to state legislators about her thoughts concerning charter schools, saying, “Competition is good, but you need a level playing field,” and expressing her view that charters should not operate with a different set of rules. Yet, it’s the rules that have kept even the strongest school districts – such as Bangor – from fulfilling their goal of providing “academic excellence for all.”


Senator Introduces Sweeping Education Bill Package
The Baltimore Sun, MD, February 8, 2011
A freshman state senator has introduced four bills that seek to strengthen the autonomy of charter schools and boost teacher quality in public schools, including a measure that would add “ineffectiveness” as a basis for dismissing teachers.

New York

Why School Reforms Matter
New York Post, NY, February 09, 2011
The State Education Department data showing that a scant 23 percent of New York City high school graduates are prepared for college puts more pressure on — and demands more accountability from — educators and elected leaders alike.

North Carolina

NC Appeals Court To Weigh Charter School Funding
Charlotte Observer, NC, February 8, 2011
A state appeals court on Wednesday will consider a charter school’s lawsuit arguing that its funding share should be calculated from a pie that includes Head Start and other early childhood education funds


It’s Time For School Choice In Pennsylvania
Forbes, February 8, 2011
The plight of children in failing schools, particularly minority students in low-income districts, has rightly been called “the civil rights issue of the 21st century.” The opponents of school choice have become the anti-reformers of today, sometimes with startling honesty.


Florence Teacher is Virtual Teacher of the Year
South Carolina Now, SC, February 8, 2011
A Florence woman is the first to receive distinction as the state’s virtual school teacher of the year.

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