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Daily Headlines for March 17, 2011

Adjusting Education Targets
The Day, CT, March 17, 2011
There is little that Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill can agree on these days, but one area of common ground is the need to reform No Child Left Behind. Since its enactment in 2002, public schools have struggled to comply with mandates of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

Reform Should Create A Student-Centered Education
The Hill, DC, March 16, 2011
Nearly three decades ago, the National Commission on Excellence in Education issued “A Nation at Risk,” a compelling report that sounded the alarm on the state of public education in America. Since then, we have spent billions of taxpayer dollars to improve our public schools. Yet American students have fallen behind their international peers in math and science, and our achievement gaps remain.

Why Don’t The Congressmen Who Look Like Us Want Us To Go To Better Schools?
Daily Caller, DC, March 16, 2011
As you read this, Democratic state legislators across the country are doing something that, 20 years ago, would have been considered politically taboo. They’re supporting school choice.



Florida Teacher Pay Bill Clears Legislature on Way to Rick Scott
Florida Times-Union, FL, March 17, 2011
On the strength of Republicans’ super-majority, the House muscled out a bill Wednesday that would represent a significant shift in how Florida teachers are paid and evaluated.


KIPP, Teachers Union Reach 10-Year Agreement
Baltimore Sun, MD, March 16, 2011
A Baltimore charter school network that had threatened to shut down in June reached an agreement in principle with the Baltimore Teachers Union minutes before testimony was set to begin in Annapolis on a bill that would have given city charters more flexibility in dealing with union rules.


Wise Way To Spend Public Education Dollars
ABC Newspapers, MN, March 16, 2011
Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton and Commissioner of Education Brenda Casselius are proposing a wise and historic change in Minnesota public education. They are recognizing reality: Minnesota has outstanding district and charter public schools. We need to honor and learn from them. So they have made a proposal to do that.


House Panel Hears Charter School Debate
Helena Independent Record, MT, March 17, 2011
Proponents of a bill that would provide public funding to charter schools say the law would give families much needed options, while opponents say it would take away dollars from the already strapped budgets of Montana’s public school districts.

North Carolina

Experience with Charter School
Shelby Star, NC, March 16, 2011
For a decade, I have had the privilege of having my children attend Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy . But for the entire time my children have been at Thomas Jefferson, they have been cheated out of their fair share of Cleveland County supplemental public education money because of the same unjust, discriminatory attitude that is being currently exhibited by the school board in their fighting the expansion of North Carolina public charter schools.


Charter Operators Named For Six Philadelphia Schools
Philadelphia Inquirer, PA, March 17, 2011
The Philadelphia School Reform Commission on Wednesday adopted School Superintendent Arlene C. Ackerman’s recommendations and named three charter operators to run six low-performing schools, despite the protests of some teachers, students, and community members.


Charter Schools Have Earned Chance To Expand
The Tennessean, TN, March 17, 2011
In 2002, Tennessee became the 39th state in the union to pass public charter-school legislation. The intent of the legislature was to go slow, see what works, and consider next steps.

Compromise Would Limit Collective Bargaining For Tenn. Teachers
The Commercial Appeal, TN, March 16, 2011
House Republicans advanced a compromise Wednesday on the bill that originally halted teacher collective bargaining — allowing bargaining to continue but with new limits.


Online Classes Could Help More Kids Graduate
Eastern Arizona Courier, AZ, March 16, 2011
Online classes offered by Arizona Online Instruction could become an option for students who want to drop out of high school.

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