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NativityMiguel Delivers Quality and Success

NativityMiguel Network schools change lives by ensuring quality education and life experiences for each of their students, which averages 71 students in each of their 64 middle schools in 27 states.

NativityMiguel’s Network provides an extended school day and school year where students have a safe and engaging academic environment in which to grow as learners and thinkers. Students spend approximately 9.6 hours per day in school, including out of school instruction, and up to 11 months in school, including summer programming. They also boast a 97 percent daily attendance.

Although many students come to them below grade level in academic and social skills, they all graduate at or above grade level. But the work doesn’t stop there. NativityMiguel’s Graduate Support Program helps their graduates as they continue their education. Last year, 79 percent of their alumni graduated high school in four years and over 67 percent enrolled in colleges and universities. Moreover, 49 percent went on to graduate from college or trade schools. These rates of success are nearly 20 percent higher than the national average for low-income students.

For more information about NativityMiguel, visit their website.