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Jeanne Allen: Rally Echoes Support of School Choice

WASHINGTON, DC – Jeanne Allen, president of The Center for Education Reform, released the following statement applauding Gov. Tom Corbett and students for yesterday’s school choice rally and their vigorous fight to move education reform forward in Pennsylvania.

“Yesterday’s rally underscores the groundswell of support for giving parents the ability to choose a school based on their child’s needs, not their zip code. Education is the core of one’s success and the House needs to empower families with the freedom to build a strong, long-lasting foundation.

The shouts of ‘CHOICE! NOW!’ from hundreds of students send a clear message – Pennsylvania’s must make meaningful educational improvements for its children immediately.

The Senate passed a strong bill designed to give parents more choices in the educational decisions for their children. The House needs to stay vigilant and avoid caving to the pressures of those wanting to limit parental involvement in education.

Senate Bill 1 would create the nation’s third statewide school choice program, and increase additional tax incentives for businesses to contribute profits to scholarship organizations.