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Newswire: November 22, 2011

Vol. 13, No. 45

Those determined to deliver quality educational opportunities for children through reforms that ensure maximum choice and accountability, have much to be thankful for this season. There is a paradigm shift taking place right now that will forever change the education landscape in this country to one focused on quality schools, professional teachers, and students who achieve at an international standard. As you gather around your dinner table on Thanksgiving, please add your own message of thanks for those who strive to bring all of our children the education they deserve.

Let’s give thanks for:

Educators who put the needs of children ahead of their own.

Parents who have the courage to shout, “I’ve had enough” and labor to make new and better school opportunities and choice for their children.

New parent organizations that capture the Parent Power movement to make the parents’ voice heard.

Politicians bold enough to battle the status quo to make legislative changes that broaden a family’s choice of schools.

Charter school leaders on the front lines of creating schools that work for a diverse group of children.

Creators of online academies that bring educational opportunities, flexibility, and quality learning to students everywhere.

All those working to improve teacher quality by designing meaningful teacher evaluation systems with a heavy focus on student gains, tied to pay.

Philanthropists who, despite criticism focused on their “billionaires’ club status, continue to think big and fund research-supported projects and school reform that could help create a paradigm shift in the way education does business in the US.

For those in the news media who take the time to get it right and accurately report on school choice and school quality.

To all of CER and Media Bullpen readers and activists who, without you, we would be a voice in the dark.