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Greenville Charter In Demand

“Charter School Grows But Most Students Still Turned Away”
by Gordon Dill
WSPA-TV (News Channel 7)
April 23, 2012

Greenville Tech Charter High School has strict limits on student enrollment, 105 students per grade and 420 in the entire school.

Next year each grade will grow by 5.

But that still means nearly 600 students on the wait list may be turned away.

The school, housed in a building on the same campus as Greenville Tech, produces remarkable results. 100% of the students graduate. 100% of those graduates are accepted to college.

“I don’t think there’s anything that’s right for every student, I think choice is good. It gives kids an option and parents to find what works for them. I think it (the charter school) works for a majority of the kids,” said Principal Fred Crawford.

This October the school will hold open enrollment. Because of the high demand, there will be a random lottery to determine who is accepted.