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Pensions at Michigan Charters' Expense

There’s talk in Lansing of trying to tax charter schools to fix the state’s broken retirement system. It’s an idea that won’t work, is unfair, and will devastate Michigan’s charter schools and its employees.

Senate Bill 1040 was introduced in the Michigan Legislature with the goal of revamping the Michigan Public School Employee Retirement System (MPSERS). While current language indicates that only charter schools participating in MPSERS in the first place would be affected, there’s talk of forcing all charter schools to fork over money for the pension system.

“Ensuring the system’s survival for future retirees” by taking from charter schools that don’t even participate in the system is outrageous. Some are suggesting taking as much as $1,000 per pupil from charter schools to pay for pensions. Another suggestion is reducing the per-pupil foundation allowance, or the amount that charter schools get paid by the state for each student that attends the school). All the while, charter schools already receive less than traditional public schools.

Stop these ideas from becoming reality by contacting Michigan legislators. Urge them not to fix the pension system on the backs of charter schools, and tell them how this expense would personally impact you and your school.

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