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NAEP Science Results Nothing to Write Home About

The 2011 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) science results show gains compared to 2009, but the scores are still “no cause for optimism.” Just thirty-two percent of eighth graders scored at or above proficient, a 2 percent increase from 2009. That means 68% of our nation’s eighth graders lack a basic understanding of physical, life, Earth, and space sciences.

“This performance won’t get us where we need to go to create the science-literate workforce we need,” Gerry Wheeler, interim executive director of the National Science Teachers Association, tells the Wall Street Journal.

This certainly doesn’t come as a shock to anyone that saw the 2011 NAEP math and reading scores.

The same message from Jeanne Allen, president of the Center for Education Reform, regarding reading and math results holds true for these science scores.

“Our nation’s students can’t afford for us to sit idly by while another year passes with relatively no improvements. The Nation’s Report Card demonstrates the status quo does not work. We must overhaul our educational system. We need revolutionary change, if we want to break free from the failing trends of the past and truly celebrate student achievement.”

“The longer we wait – the longer we let achievement flatline – the further we’ll find ourselves at the bottom of the list of powerful, even worth mentioning, economies.” Certainly something presidential hopefuls should be paying attention to, and talking about, during their campaigns.

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