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Newswire: July 31, 2012

Vol. 14, No. 31

GONE FISHING. Well, actually, most of us don’t fish, at least not in the water, but we do need a breather and most of you are away anyway and not paying much attention to email. Those of you who are reading email (or at least this one) will be excited to know that when we return next week, it will be to share some exciting news with you about our future communications. While you’re still reading, however, be sure to check out…

LIONS AND TIGERS AND BEARS, OH MY! Many of us are so tired of hearing all the great publicity surrounding the new unionism and how progressive they are all getting, when actually and just as we’ve predicted, it’s all about the PR and not about the substance. Nowhere is this more clear than in AFT Union President Randi Weingarten’s speech to her annual confab in Detroit Friday. Forget the Kumbaya at the Olympics — for the AFT, Friday was another reason to divide and conquer. Read more about it here.

ALL THE NEWS THAT’S FIT TO PRINT? Sometimes. Fit or not, the Media Bullpen brings you real-time news from around the country, with a little commentary and a score board to help you get in the game of educating the public. While you’re waiting for our big announcement next week, be sure to keep your Browser on the Media Bullpen.

BATTER UP! Enjoy the week.