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Urgent Reform Update

September 27, 2012

Dear Friends,

I wanted to write to you immediately to share three critical things, and one of particularly timely importance:

Won’t Back Down opens Friday!: It’s been a long road since CER first started talking to and advising the filmmakers of this important and inspiring film, but opening day is finally upon us.  Anti-reform groups are out in full force and want to be able to say after the fact that their hard “work” prevented you from seeing it.  Don’t let them get away with it. I was at the premiere Sunday night at the Zeigfeld Theatre, and the anti-reform folks were shouting at the stars. It’s nice to have Viola Davis and Maggie Gyllenhaal on your side in this battle and they think telling the real story about parents and teachers fighting back for their schools is worthy of all the controversy!

Trust me. You won’t want to miss it. Watch the trailer and you’ll see why.

Got Parent Power?:   While I was in New York I was interviewed by Fox & Friends and was able to promote our new, popular Parent Power Index© (PPI) which was released in conjunction with Won’t Back Down so that parents who see the film and are inspired by it have a tool to find out whether they have the same power over their child’s education as the parents and teachers in the movie. We’ve already had thousands of visitors per day. It’s extraordinary. So tell your friends and visit the Parent Power Index© and see how much parent power you have!

NBC’s Education Nation: I joined a host of merry (and not so merry) education watchers, activists and yes, the Blob, for a busy and productive few days at the third annual Education Nation Summit in New York.  We blogged live from the Summit to make sure there was always the right emphasis or another point of view. Visit our Education Nation Live! blog to see our live play-play.

If you’re a distant observer, thank you for staying informed. If you’re an activist, thank you for your efforts. If you’re a strong educator, we are grateful for your commitment. But no matter who you are, get out and get involved. Start by seeing Won’t Back Down on Friday. Even those of us who’ve been at this for years are still taken when we are treated to such real life stories of courage and perseverance.

Thank You!,
Jeanne Allen