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University Academy Tour in Missouri

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March 7, 2013

Stephanie Heishman, CER’s senior development director, was in Kansas City on Monday and had the opportunity to tour University Academy, a Kansas City K-12 college prep charter school that serves approximately 1,000 students.

The mission of University Academy is to prepare students to succeed in an institution of higher education and to become leaders in society. The vision of University Academy is to be the best K-12 college-preparatory charter public school in the country, with an emphasis on college preparation, career development, community service and leadership.

All grade levels attend classes in the same building, teachers are masters in their content and each teacher’s classroom is identified by their university or college alma mater- giving students a clear focus on the importance of getting into and completing college.

At the entrance of the school is the “Wall of Honor,” showcasing University Academy graduates and the university or college they are attending.

Kudos to University Academy for all the work they are doing to uphold their mission and vision of providing kids a quality education that will prepare them for life after K-12 schooling.