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Common Core meets the Reform Agenda

On March 25, 2013, American Enterprise Institute (AEI) hosted an event on Common Core and the education reform movement. Panelists concluded that the state-led initiative will face an uncertain future as it intersects with additional efforts to improve schooling, such as teacher accountability policies and charter schooling.

CER President Jeanne Allen was a featured speaker during the discussion on charter schools and social studies standards. During this panel, she introduced the new “three Rs” that fit the condition charters are finding themselves in regarding their fate with the Common Core. Those sentiments -– Rejection, Resignation and Relief — typify most charters today, and the challenge, she said, will be for state policymakers not to impose things on charter schools that are contrary to their unique approaches and the way they choose to teach content.

A live recording of the panel on charter schools and social studies standards is below.