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Alabama Accountability Act Offers Students New Chance

Alabama is nearing its limit in tax credit disbursements given to those taxpayers who are donating funds to scholarship programs. Could it be a sign that more options for students are needed in a state that currently ranks 42 on Parent Power?

According to a Dec. 13 report, 582 donors have already given $19.5 million during 2013 to scholarship providing organizations in the state, which works out to about 80 percent of the $25 million cap.

Under Alabama’s Accountability Act, those donations have covered scholarships for students in failing schools so they can transfer to a private school or better performing public school.

In addition, low-income families can receive a tax credit of up to $3,500 to go towards tuition for a better performing public or private school.

Proponents of the law within the Alabama State Legislature claim the Accountability Act will give students a chance to escape failing environments and compel schools to raise standards.