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Postcards From The Past – No. 3

Postcards from the Past 
A new, occasional blog post in commemoration of CER’s 20 years in business and the historical events that have taken place during our history and the history of the education reform movement.

In 1996, CER created the first-ever national charter school directory,  an invaluable resource that continues to provide up-to-date information on charter school enrollment data and contact information, as well as overviews of charter missions and goals. Back then, a print version of all that information could be accessed for a modest fee (plus shipping and handling).

Now, there’s an app for that.

In New York City, government officials and software developers are recognizing the needs of families to access reliable school data. With increased educational alternatives available to students, families are now compelled to examine information on different schools to find the option that’s right for them.

The ease at which NYC families can access this technology demonstrates the positive effects and popularity of having access to school data. Transparency of information is a hallmark of Parent Power, which will hopefully continue to expand beyond this Big Apple app and continue to expand as more innovative ways of reaching parents and supplying information are created.




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