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Charters Coming to Phoenix

The Arizona Charter Schools Association is engineering a plan that if successful, would open up to 25 charter schools in the low-income neighborhoods of Phoenix, AZ.

With the help of outside groups, learning programs that emphasize various subjects such as art and science are being developed, and educators are receiving proper training over a two-year period.

Charter administrators such as Julia Meyerson of the pilot Vista College Preparatory have also visited successful schools in other states to incorporate best practices.

For example, other schools in low-income areas have found notes in backpacks and weekend workshops to be more effective than email at engaging parents.

Charter proponents view the plan as a way to fulfill the promise of delivering quality educational options for kids.

“We have this promise of shaping our charter schools based on the needs of our communities, but we haven’t made good on it,” Lisa Graham Keegan, former Arizona superintendent, state representative and CER at 20 panelist, told the New York Times. “We didn’t force the issue of quality in the early days.”