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Groundbreaking Report On Education Innovation

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New media analysis provides roadmap on digital and blended learning

CER Press Release
Washington, DC
February 3, 2014

(WASHINGTON, DC) – A new report, The Media and the Digital Learning Revolution, released today by The Center for Education Reform (CER), illuminates key trends in the news coverage of digital and blended learning modalities, and identifies the need to grow public understanding of these important innovations transforming student learning.

The analysis looked at a 1,600 article data set published in print or online news nationwide in the first nine months of 2013. The report’s key findings include:

  • Digital and blended learning coverage tends to be focused in Southern & Midwestern states, with 49.5% of stories coming from these regions;
  • Small circulation outlets in the South and large circulation outlets in the Midwest & Northeast run the most stories on digital and blended learning; and
  • Highly rated stories, or stories that are balanced and do not express any inherent biases, tend to come from the South & Midwest.

Jeanne Allen, CER Senior Fellow, president emeritus and the author of the report said, “There’s no disputing the ongoing integration of digital learning into K-12 education. As a result, it’s essential that those with a vested interest in advancing these innovations have a solid understanding of the news media.”

The Media and the Digital Learning Revolution reveal strong indications that local engagement by ’digiformers’, or those dedicated to advancing technology or technology-aided learning, can exponentially raise public awareness of the latest educational innovations. The author offers eight conclusions and strategies for doing so.

Allen is available for comment on The Media and the Digital Learning Revolution. Members of the media should contact CER Communications Director Michelle Tigani at 301-986-8088 or to set up interviews.

About the Author: Jeanne Allen is the founder of The Center for Education Reform and served as its president from 1993-2013. Today, Jeanne is a Senior Fellow and president emeritus, and serves on CER’s Board of Directors. Jeanne Allen is Vice President of Business Development for HotChalk, Inc., an education technology company.

Click here to read The Media and the Digital Learning Revolution.