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New York State Rule Favors City Charters

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Kara Kerwin, Wall Street Journal

Claims that the New York budget agreement is friendly to charter schools are little more than political spin (“New York Charts Bold Course for Schools,” U.S. News, April 1). The New York legislature, together with Gov. Andrew Cuomo, crafted a budget that financially favors a select few charter schools in New York City rather than giving charter schools—and the students they serve—statewide equitable treatment.

An equitable budget treats a student in Brooklyn the same as a student in Buffalo, regardless of whether they attend a charter or traditional public school. All this budget reveals is the desire of state lawmakers to score political points in the high-profile New York City charter-school debate and their lack of interest in fostering the statewide charter sector.

To truly improve the quality of education in New York for all students, fundamental flaws in funding equity in the state’s charter-school law must be addressed rather than looking for Band-Aid solutions year after year.