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National Charter Schools Week 2014

To celebrate National Charter Schools Week, CER is highlighting charter school success stories from across the country.We will also be taking the celebration to Twitter and Facebook, sharing stories from schools, parents, and advocates on the ground, along with a litany of facts and figures, all showing how charter schools are helping students.

Once considered just a fad, charters now represent the fastest, most successful reform in public education today, with over 2.5 million students in over 6,500 charter schools across the nation.

DID YOU KNOW?… A Few Facts About Charter Schools

73% of Americans support charter schools

• The length of average charter school wait list is nearly 300 students

• Charter schools receive 36 percent less revenue on average per student than traditional public schools

61 percent of charter schools serve a student population where over 60 percent qualify for the federal Free or Reduced Lunch Program

• The total number of charters has increased over the last decade at an average rate of 340 schools per year

• In 2012-13, there were 335 new charter campuses in states with “A” or “B” grade charter laws, compared to only 13 in states earning “D” or “F”


Check out these charter school success stories! The first one will appear here May 4, with a new story posted daily throughout the week!

Story #1: Friendship PCS
Story #2: Boys’ Latin Charter School
Story #3: Charter School Potential
Story #4: Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (ECOT)
Story #5: CHAMPS Charter School of the Arts
Story #6: Charlotte Secondary School
Story #7: Great Hearts Academies


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