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Letter to the Editor: “Building Successful Schools for North Carolina”

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Wilimington Star-News

This week, North Carolina school leaders, parents, community members and policymakers are gathering in Wilmington to discuss what must happen to encourage the growth of successful charter schools, and how best to interweave them into the fabric of North Carolina’s public education system.

It’s heartening to hear inspirational stories from charter classrooms, but future stories aren’t possible without policies in place that allow charters and the students they serve to thrive. Sound policy is what ensures charter school growth from the ground up so schools and educators can innovate. Provisions such as creating multiple, independent charter authorizers and structuring a funding formula that equitably distributes public dollars truly show a vested interest in charter success.

And these reforms are worth pursuing. A recent study examining the cost-effectiveness of charter schools compared with traditional public schools showed for every $1,000 invested per-pupil, North Carolina charter schools were 26 percent more cost-effective in delivering reading gains and 27 percent more in math on national assessments.

Over the past year, the North Carolina policy atmosphere has been nothing short of tumultuous. Kids and parents deserve better, and it’s time lawmakers deliver the promise of more and better educational options to North Carolina families.

Kara Kerwin is president of The Center for Education Reform, Washington, D.C.