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CER Turns 21!

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Many say that a Sweet Sixteen or 18th birthday are by far the biggest and most important years to gauge one’s coming of age. However, it is pretty much a matter of fact that the 21st is the biggest of all, especially as it solidifies the final transition into adulthood.

For CER, that day is today! Yes, on October 13, 1993, The Center for Education Reform was incorporated and this White House Bulletin fax announcing our launch is a clear indication on how far we’ve come since then in our ability to communicate and bring commonsense reforms into mainstream thought.

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While we remain a trusted brand for policymakers, the media and parents alike, we continue to churn out research and data at a record pace. We continue to help shape coalitions throughout the country but in new and meaningful ways, and CER is now, and always has been, “the organization of ‘SWAT teams’ of experienced reform experts” ready to take on state and local issues.

Together, we’ve made progress over the last twenty-one years, but it’s not nearly enough to meet parental demand for more and better learning options, with oversubscribed scholarship programs across the nation and charter school wait lists growing to nearly 300 students on average and now totaling over a million.

CER board member and President and CEO of the National Charter Schools Institute, Jim Goenner, stated at our annual Board of Directors meeting last week that “CER is in the opportunity business…We’re in the business of better education for kids, parents and country.” Building on our legacy and solid foundation, CER is forging ahead with fresh, bold thinking and action to do just that.

It has been almost a year since I took the reigns of CER to usher the organization into the next generation of reform, and I am extremely proud of the team in meeting or exceeding critical goals. With your support, we’ve accomplished major successes challenging both our friends and detractors alike. With your support, we’ve reached over a hundred million more Americans with our message. With your support, we’ve maintained a strategic focus to make a positive difference in the lives of students.

With your continued support we can accomplish so much more.

Best regards,

Kara Kerwin

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