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Charter School Achievement Data

Links to various reports & studies highlighting charter school achievement across the U.S.

CER Survey of America’s Charter Schools
2014 report highlights the environment and conditions charter schools function in, which lead to achievement

The Productivity of Public Charter Schools, July 2014
A University of Arkansas study reveals charter schools use public dollars far more efficiently than traditional public schools. For every $1,000 invested, eighth grade charter students achieved on average an additional 17 points in math and 16 points in reading on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP).

Louisiana Charter School Achievement, August 2013
Part of CREDO’s state by state look at charter school achievement, results show Louisiana charter school students learning more in a school year than traditional students. While CER finds flaws in CREDO’s methodology, local instead of national achievement comparisons, makes results more comparable and therefore more reliable.

D.C. Charter School Achievement on DC-CAS, July 2013
Additional Commentary and Data on D.C. Charter Schools, Matthew Ladner
D.C. public schools showing showing improvement on standardized test, but charter schools improving at much faster rate

Illinois Charter School Achievement, June 2013
Students in Chicago charter schools higher-achieving than traditional school counterparts.

Michigan Charter Schools Outperform Traditional Public Students, May 2013
CREDO state report finds Michigan charter school students gaining at a faster rate than traditional school students. Provides more detail on CER’s critique of their methodology.

Massachusetts Charter School Achievement, March 2013
Six-year study showing charter school’s surpassing traditional schools, especially in Boston.

New York City Charter School Achievement, February 2013
Continued success of New York City charter schools compared with conventional public schools in the Big Apple.

CMO’s Positive Impact on Student Learning, November 2011
Report by Mathematica Policy Research found that charters operated by a Charter Management Organization are generally more effective managerially, academically, and operationally.

CER Fact-Checking Charter School Achievement, October 2010
CER-issued document to counteract the first CREDO report. Contains great information on charter school achievement, demand, and demographics

Hoxby and New York Charters Affecting Achievement and Closing Achievement Gap, 2009
Dr. Caroline Hoxby examines charter schools in New York City to find that they are closing the achievement gap for students the longer they attend a charter school.

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