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Maryland’s Charter School Law Must Improve!

MDcharterInfographicDespite its long-standing reputation for quality schools, Maryland is in need of more and better educational opportunities for children.

The Maryland charter law that passed in 2003 is among the nation’s weakest laws, not only because it’s restrictive, but also because it’s incredibly vague. The law is silent on some of the most critical policy issues for charter school development, including the level of funding required to support a charter school, the number of schools that can be started, the term of the charter, the governance structure of the school, and student admission requirements. Due to the weakness of the state’s law, Maryland has not been eligible for certain federal grants and has not attracted other investments from philanthropy to support these innovative public charter schools.

Unfortunately, charter school legislation passed by the Maryland General Assembly, SB 595, would not improve the charter school environment for schools, students, or families in Maryland.

As the Washington Post said in an editorial after listening to CER’s concerns with the bill and analyzing it themselves, Governor Hogan should veto this bill, as “the legislature took a bad law and made it worse.”

Click here to ask Governor Hogan to Veto SB 595.

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