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Statement from CER Founder & CEO on Vergara Ruling

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Jeanne Allen: Decision Hurts the Education of Children

WASHINGTON, DC- Jeanne Allen, Founder and CEO of The Center for Education Reform, issued the following statement on the Vergara v. State of California lawsuit ruling yesterday:

Yesterday, California’s 2nd District Court of Appeal announced that teacher tenure protections are safe for now.

This decision is not only wrong-headed and inconsistent with the very foundation of education in this country, but it’s a blow to families and students who are already being misserved by California schools. By ruling against the ability of schools and school systems to staff their organizations with those they believe best fit the needs of their students, they have in effect ruled against the education of children.

It is shocking to think that in 2016 in a global world where freedom is prized and fought for, that our government can defend a process which artificially sets parameters on who and when someone can teach based on how many years they’ve been a classroom, not on whether they are successful with their work.

We who support and value teachers trust that despite this setback, as well as the sad turn of events in the Friedrichs decision following Justice Scalia’s passing, that reason and education will prevail, despite the tyranny of the California court of appeals.