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Florida Teachers of Tomorrow Receives State Approval

Opens New Route to Teacher Certification in Florida

July 27, 2016

Teachers of Tomorrow announced that its educator preparation program has now been fully approved as a route to teacher certification by the Florida Department of Education and the Florida Commission for Independent Education.  The new program, Florida Teachers of Tomorrow (“Florida Teachers”) will immediately begin recruiting and preparing teachers for Florida classrooms.

“We are extremely excited to be approved by the state of Florida to begin helping school districts get the talent they need to ensure every student has a great teacher,” said Vernon Reaser, CEO of Teachers of Tomorrow. “Florida Teachers can help alleviate the critical teacher shortages that Florida school districts are experiencing.”

Teachers of Tomorrow’s Texas Teachers program provided over 6,000 teachers to schools last year creating a more diverse teaching workforce in the state. A recent Teach for America study found that over 46% of teachers prepared by Teachers of Tomorrow were non-white.  The program focuses on high needs area delivering 1796 new Special Education Teachers, 897 science teachers and 852 math teachers since 2014.

The Florida Teachers program is approved as an Educator Preparation Institute or EPI. They are the first private or non-university based program to go through the rigorous approval process and earn approval. The program has already received many new applications in just the first week of operations.

“This is a great testament to the quality of our program and the quality of our team of professionals that ensure each of our teachers are prepared to enter the classroom. This is a great day for Florida schools and for Florida Teachers,” Reaser continued.

Teachers who want to work in Florida Schools can immediately begin the program and prospective teachers can find more information about the program at

About Teachers of Tomorrow
Teachers of Tomorrow began as Texas Teachers of Tomorrow in 2005 to create a route to teacher certification in Texas so that school districts would have the talent they need to drive student achievement.  Over the last 11 years, Texas Teachers has certified over 36,000 teachers for Texas schools.  They created a program focused on providing the pedagogy and support teachers need to succeed in the classroom.  A recent study found that 46% of Texas Teacher graduates are non-white creating a more diverse teaching workforce.   For more information go to