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Exclusive: Allen Pushes Back Against Matt Damon

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In case you missed it, Jeanne Allen was featured yesterday in an exclusive  Hollywood Reporter story about her efforts to stand up to the opponents of education opportunity and Hollywood’s Matt Damon. While being interviewed for a new anti-school choice documentary, Allen used the phrase the filmmakers ended up using for the title of their movie, BackPack Full of Cash.

As Allen told THR , “”It was a shock to see them cunningly and deliberately cut my quote to serve their own purpose,” Allen says. “We always have to fight people who are, frankly, uneducated about the issue. If I could show Matt Damon what we actually do, and the options kids can have so they don’t have to go to failing schools, he’d be a supporter.”

A little disingenuous film won’t stop us.  Join our efforts to fight for education innovation and opportunity in US education.  Call us at 1-800-521-2118 or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter to find out how.