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Year-End Report | 2018

The Center for Education Reform | 2018 Year-End Report

Dear Friends:

I know you’re right in the thick of the holiday season, but I need just a final minute or two before year’s end to thank you for your fantastic contributions to the work of education opportunity this year! Without it, our children, students, and adults who have been failed by our systems today will not be able to access the American dream, and that is what American education should be about – helping every learner at every level access what they need to achieve what our founder’s envisioned. We are unapologetic believers in American exceptionalism, and our mission is to help our country’s students become exceptional themselves. Your support makes that a “possible dream” for many because CER is relentless in everything we do! Read on:




… for all of those who took a call, (or be badgered to take one!) a meeting or simply wrote a check, we salute you. We will show you how much your investment counts even more in 2019, but for now, we give thanks for you that we can wake up every morning and do this work which is so meaningful and impactful.

God Bless you this season and always