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Newswire – January 29, 2019


EUREKA, “I found it!” could be the motto for innovative higher education, as well as the moniker of  Eureka College, whose students are part of an effort to provide greater access to higher ed regardless of your institution. Eureka, President Reagan’s alma mater, takes part in online course-sharing  among members of the Council of Independent Colleges (independent liberal arts colleges who have banded together to share course and tuition revenue when students take the courses) all the while improving retention by helping students fill gaps in their transcripts.  In the words of one Eureka student, it allowed him to “take a management course online from William Peace University and an online American government class from Jacksonville College, in Texas. I live on a farm, and we show animals and such, and this gave me the opportunity to work” while keeping up with class”. New student-centered learning and approaches – just the ticket to a successful future.

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