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R&E | 2019: The Road to Innovation is Paved with Experience

October 2019: Expanding Education Innovation and Opportunity in Rural America

With increasing scrutiny of rural America and its lagging educational outcomes, it’s time to consider new, innovative approaches to improving and expanding education opportunity in rural communities. That is the conclusion of a new whitepaper issued by the Center for Education Reform (CER), which offers several vital “ingredients” needed to transform education to serve all populations in rural America. 

“We are building a new ecosystem to deliver better education to children, families, and communities in rural areas where resources can be scarce,” said Jeanne Allen, founder and CEO of CER. “The goal is to make education opportunities accessible for learners of all levels, all across the country -- regardless of income, regardless of zip code.”

The paper states: “If diverse groups of citizens and leaders from all sectors of life come together to expand and enhance educational opportunities in rural communities, school quality will improve, student outcomes will improve, and increasingly impoverished and desolate communities will be able to revive their once productive economies.”

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June 2019: The Path to Charter Schools

What they are, how they got here, and the real reason behind this innovation in public education

A brief but critical history of the charter school idea. “The Path To Charter Schools” is a first-hand account that corrects the myths and misinformation concerning charters circulating in the public eye.

“Charter schools were and are about education, diversity and parental choice,” CER’s founder and CEO Jeanne Allen said.

As the paper demonstrates, “Making public education work better for all kids – restructuring and reforming it – was indeed the point of the charter school idea. It’s that very point that makes the charter movement a resounding success.”

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