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10 Must-Reads To Bring With You On That Last Beach Trip Before Summer Ends

Summer is full of required reading lists.

While many kids across the U.S. finish up their summer reading as they gear up to go back to school, here’s a list of recommended reading for understanding how we get our schools and learning opportunities to reflect a new opportunity agenda that allows for Innovation and Opportunity to thrive:

1. How The Other Half Learns: Equality, Excellence, and the Battle Over School Choice
by Robert Pondiscio


2. Charting a New Course: The Case for Freedom, Flexibility, and Opportunity Through Charter Schools
Co-Editors: Jeanne Allen, Cara Candal, Max Eden

3.  A Nation At Risk

A Nation At Risk

4.  The Split Screen Strategy: How to Turn Education Into a Self-Improving System
by Ted Kolderie



5.  Zero Chance of Passage: The Pioneering Charter School Story
by Ember Rechgott Junge

zero chance of passage


6.  No Struggle No Progress: A Warrior s Life from Black Power to Education Reform
by Howard Fuller with Lisa Frazier Page




7.  Education Reform: Before It Was Cool – The Real Story and The Pioneers Who Made It Happen
edited by Jeanne Allen

Before it was Cool

8.  Unleashing Greatness: 9 Plays to Spark Innovation in Education
by Michael Barber & Joel Klein

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 2.51.22 PM

9.  2020 Vision: A History of the Future
by the GSV team, led by Michael Moe and Deborah Quazzo

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 2.56.56 PM


10.  Blended: Using Disruptive Innovation to Improve Schools
by Michael B. Horn, Heather Staker, Clayton M. Christensen



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