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Educating the Candidates

December 2019
Educating the Candidates

Education opportunity is the gateway to the future, yet it’s failing all but a third of American students.  Despite it being in the top 5 of issues the public wants to hear, only minutes have been spent in the Debates on this critical issue, aside from the union-sponsored education forum for the Democratic candidates on December 14, 2019. This must change, as must the vocal opposition of the candidates to life-saving educational changes that give parents power, teachers freedom and students the success that will enable them to grow and prosper.  Follow what the growing and influential chorus of ordinary citizens and especially, African-American, Latino and low-income Americans have to say about this and the struggle to make education opportunity the most important issue for 2020.


Education Post Writer Zachary Wright writes about the irony in the not-so-public education forum "This isn’t about talking to parents and American families. It’s a presidential audition for an endorsement worth tens of millions of dollars"

12.13.19 | WITF
Presidential forum organizers want education to be a key election issue

Concerns from Charter school supporters about the democratic stances on charters -""If they are successful in calling for a moratorium in charter schools, what is a viable option for the thousands of families that are on waiting lists for specific reasons, trying to escape their public school district?” she asked. “What is the next viable option? What are they going to suggest that these folks do?”"

12.13.19 | WITF
Why Is NBC Taking Sides In The Public Education Debate?

Writer Peter Cook (Correcting The Record on Eduction Reform) - "Upcoming education forum is a PR stunt organized by the teachers unions and organizations they fund"

I’m Waiting for Democrats to Stop Using Progressive Talking Points and Start Listening to Parents

"The question for Saturday is this: Are any of the candidates willing to listen to voters who are unwilling to toe the union line? Are they willing to show true leadership, even when an issue doesn’t fit into a neat ideological box? Are they capable of seeing beyond the privileged (White) influence of special interest groups and speak to those most disenfranchised?"

12.14.19 | Reality Check with Jeanne Allen
A Reality Check on the Democratic Presidential Candidate Education Forum

The ever entertaining Michael Musante joins Jeanne as her new co-host in this special edition of Reality Check, talking to and about those who help children succeed in public charter schools, innovative institutions that will be maligned and misrepresented this weekend in Pittsburgh, when MSNBC airs the union-organized candidate forum on public education.   Hear veteran charter school educator Melanie Ward from Propel Schools (@PropelSchools), Brian Smith (@smith_brian_d), founder of Catalyst Charter School and David Hardy (@davidphardy)of Boys Latin & Excellent Schools PA ponder why any politician – existing or aspiring – would want to deny parents the power to make choices. 

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