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Newswire – December 10, 2019

TIS THE SEASON TO BE (JOLLY) HEARD  Like Shakespeare, we try not to repeat ourselves, but an event in 4 days is too important not to mention again. A reminder that the entire blob/aka industrial complex/aka cartel of anti-ed reform groups is uniting to interview the Democratic presidential candidates next Saturday, December 14th, in Pittsburgh, and on the docket already are plans to tear apart charter schools. It's a full day forum and will be broadcast live.  Charter school advocates, particularly those in Pittsburgh where district schools spend $25,000 per student and among the dismal stats only 19.5 percent of 8th graders are proficient in math! take exception to the negative narrative being created by the candidates about charters in Pennsylvania and elsewhere. Just ask Propel Schools which since 2003 have served thousands who don’t have great schools at their disposal - and has a MUCH higher math proficiency rate! We could go on, and will, but watch @edreform on Twitter and Facebook to follow the counter effort in Pittsburgh this weekend.

EVERYTHING YOU’VE ALWAYS NEEDED TO KNOW… but the candidates neglected to ask. So let’s tell them the real story behind why parents want power, children need choices and charters are a life saving ed reform that has transformed education for millions since they began in 1991. CER’s handy dandy Education & the Election page collates in one place all the best articles, data and responses to the candidate folly going on now. Read, nominate an article for inclusion, and spread it around  - so that everyone knows what you know...and acts on it.

LEFT COASTERS DON’T NEED TO FEEL LEFT OUT. Grass roots action for excellence and opportunity in education isn’t just happening in Pittsburgh. The Freedom Coalition for Charter Schools and education freedom hero Dr. Howard Fuller, fresh off his schooling of Senator Elizabeth Warren at the Democrat Presidential debate in Atlanta, have announced another rally to present the truth about charters at the upcoming debate on December 19th in Los Angeles. As with the Pittsburgh rally, this really needs to be an “all hands on deck” event. For more information visit the Freedom Coalition – link above. Also like Pittsburgh, these brave folks are on the front lines of our battle. Don’t let them be alone!

EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITY’S LIGHT CONTINUES TO SHINE BRIGHTLY.  Given the contentious politics of the day it would be easy to be Eeyores, the perpetually gloomy donkey in “Winnie The Pooh” stories. But that would mask the almost daily good news about non-traditional education around the country. Our latest example is Shikellamy Virtual Academy in Sunbury, PA. which was named “Academy of the Month” by the National Education Foundation. The academy provides a more rigorous curriculum than outside cyber options and offers a virtual lab at the high school. As one student put it; “I love this, and it gives me an opportunity to work while I am in school. The flexibility of this is exactly what I needed and I am just learning so much more at my own pace.”  Let’s hope some of the anti-parent choice zealots in Pittsburgh are listening.

JUST IN TIME FOR HANUKKAH AND CHRISTMAS. Jeanne’s latest "Reality Check" podcast  with John O’Neill, Annapolis graduate, former Supreme Court law clerk and author of  The Fisherman's Tomb. It is the story of the search for and ultimate identifying of the tomb of the Apostle Peter – a pivotal figure for both Judaism and Christianity. But you don’t have to be  Christian or Jewish to be enthralled by this historical detective tale of intrigue, fascinating archaeological finds and ultimate confirmation of the burial site. Give a listen.

LIGHTING A CANDLE FOR SCHOOL CHANGE.  New York City and its newspaper “The Times” usually present a pretty critical picture of the need for education transformation but a bright candle was lit and a whole bunch of politicians got schooled on how bad our schools are despite billions spent on improving them over the last 20 years when Times Reporter Dana Goldstein, pulled no punches in both a column "It Just Isn't Working" and the paper’s The Daily Podcast. Both are critical run-downs on how billions of dollars can return essentially zero results.


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