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TIME – Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue

CER IN THE NEWS January 21, 2020


Friends, We are one day away from the most significant Supreme Court case involving education in over 60 years – Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue.  As we all continue to work hard to spread lead plaintiff Kendra Espinoza’s important story, we are sharing a new piece co-written by Paul Clement and CER’s Jeanne Allen and published in TIME magazine.  
This piece is extremely important for highlighting the case’s stakes and reminding Americans of the biggest issue at hand: protecting parents’ rights to make the best education choices for their children.  Please be sure to share it with your supporters and on your social media sites. You can find @TIME on Twitter and reshare from there, or from @edreform.

For the latest information about this historic Supreme Court case, please take a look at CER’s online resource bank here.

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Let’s continue to stay strong, share our stories, and push hard to protect choice in education!

The CER Team