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Newswire – March 17, 2020

YOU KNOW WHEN THE NEA AND THE PRESIDENT AGREE it must be serious, but that’s precisely what happened today when both said students must go online to continue their learning. So here’s your news wire to help you comply with what everyone agrees needs to happen...

THE CRISIS. It’s here, it’s everywhere, and we offer our support, gratitude and concern to all those enduring the worst. We may only be an education opportunity group, but we are doing what we can to both Flatten the Curve of Covid and to flatten its impact on education.

NEW! FLATTEN THE IMPACT. They say the more you can create predictability the better off your kids are. But what about adults, too?  There’s no question that it’s hard to stay focussed when there’s not a rhythm or a plan —  for all of us!  To help build predictably around learning — during the current Covid crisis and hopefully for long after — starting today CER is putting its team, time and resources at your disposal to help you navigate and turn that unpredictability on its head. The virus has given us plenty of lemons — so we’re making some lemonade. Starting with...

COUNTERING COVID: DON’T LET EDUCATION FALL IN THE CURVE. CER has put up an extensive resource page  listing  the tools and services available to students, families and educators everywhere. We’ll be keeping tabs on those who are keeping tabs, sharing the best of the aggregators, product providers, media sources and above all — the real people who are doing the real work to fight the virus’ impact on learning.  And that includes YOU.  We’re highlighting what we’re seeing and learning daily from the extraordinary people and organizations we are following and making sure you have a place that you can go if you’d prefer not to hunt, and let us do the hunting for you. Consider it your one-stop shopping for the best and latest efforts in accessing substantive, innovative education options, here and across the globe, while we all work to ‘flatten the curve’ of COVID-19.   You’ll also learn which reporters are tracking the best and latest education trends. And check back regularly, as we will be updating daily if necessary to provide the newest and latest resources available to you.

ESPRESSO FOR YOUR BODY; EDSPRESSO FOR THE MIND! Are you going stir crazy? Need an outlet for your ideas, for your writing, for the best tools you have to offer? EdSpresso was once the blog that offered “Your daily addiction for breaking news, commentary and debate on real education reform." Today, in support of our communities of parents, learners, educators and anyone who wants to make learning continuous during this pandemic, CER is retooling Edspresso, its education blog site, for you, to be your daily fix on the best and latest efforts of those in the trenches — teachers, parents and experts. We may need to practice “social distancing” from people,  but we’ll need anything but from information and learning if we’re to keep our minds busy !


SHARE IT Follow us on twitter and FB and tell us your stories/solutions. Whatever we get from you on social media — or directly via an email — will be shared, utilized in tele-townhalls, conferences and provided to the media. So please keep us informed by sending us what you know — so we can keep everyone informed.

REMOTE LEARNING’S TIME HAS COME. Scientists and doctors will solve the medical problems brought on by the virus.  Remote learning — whether it’s with books, outside on projects, on the computer face to face with others or all on your own digitally —  will get us through the current crisis. Let the extraordinary number of people and organizations be your guides, and let our blog EDSPRESSO be your daily update on this journey, how to make it easier and most effective. So look around, explore, learn from our sources here and share what you find worthwhile.Godspeed to you all.  We’ll get through this together.



May God grant you always - A sunbeam to warm you,
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And may you be in Heaven half an hour before the Devil knows you’re dead


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