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A New Action Plan for Education


Recommendations for reshaping education during and post Covid-19 

(Washington, DC) Today, CER released an action plan calling for immediate policy changes to address the most critical needs of students.

“Today the failure of districts that educate the majority of students has never been more apparent,” said Jeanne Allen, Founder and CEO of the Center for Education Reform.  “Unions are demanding that districts negotiate their contracts to control how teachers can and should work in unprecedented times, but that doesn’t solve the problem for nearly 50 million students,” added Allen.

The paper, THE FUTURE OF SCHOOL, sets a new course for policymakers, advocates and families and educators to follow. Among the recommendations:

1) Governors should implement emergency waivers of all statutory limitations on school boundaries; lift all enrollment caps on schools.

2) Funds should flow directly to schools and organizations that are educating regardless of current school assignment, and regardless of location or state.

3) Congress can reinforce this by making the portability of funds a condition of further stimulus funding to all states and districts.

Additional recommendations can be found in the paper and will be released in the coming days.  

“We plan to fight on behalf of parents and students with like minded Americans to ensure all have access to education now, and that we remove all excuses for failing to educate students, particularly those most in need,” said the paper’s author.

To access THE FUTURE OF SCHOOL go to https://edreform.com/future-of-school-policy/.  Learn more about CER’s ACTION Series.


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