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Education groups mobilizing to get more money moving



$200 billion, on top of the $13 billion in new monies already delivered for education (see related story below) to fund federal programs in anticipation of state budget cuts is the epitome of throwing good money after bad. Never mind that the rest of the nation has to try to figure out how to tighten belts, which includes the taxpayers who pay for federal funding. Never mind that students are being educated in many diverse ways, and not just through Districts. Never mind that not one mention that of the fact that the system they seek to fund has been doing a stunningly poor job.

Rather than cast a vision that ensures learning for all students, and dealing with a new reality, the Blob isdemanding more money for business as usual. They are petitioning Congress for:

  • $25 billion to be allocated to Title I, IDEA, and other ESSA programs serving historically marginalized students to provide targeted support to vulnerable students most likely to be affected by prolonged school closures.
  • At least $175 billion for the Education Stabilization Fund distributed directly to LEAs and IHEs, with minimal state set-asides in an equitable and targeted fashion.
  • Inclusion of a strong maintenance of effort requirement to prevent inequitable impacts on high-poverty school districts and colleges that ensures Any reductions to state education funding do not disproportionately affect high-poverty local education agencies.”


If only THAT worked!
Read the letter and check out the list of who is doing this, versus who is focussed on doing education well, which last we checked had little do with districts and federal money.




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