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CER Today – July 17, 2020

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This blockbuster event held Wednesday to get an education on the most critical education reform issue today — money, and who controls it. While the CER ACTION event was called  The Existential Union Threat to Charter Schools and featured unbridled honesty about unions and their intentions, our stellar guests Mr. David Hardy (Boys Latin of Philadelphia) and Dr. Steve Perry (Capital Preparatory Magnet School) showed us why racial equity depends on money following kids.


Charter Schools Don’t Need Blood Money, in Real Clear Education, by Jeanne Allen on keeping the charter school idea true to itself.


The powerful impact on states of the recent “Espinoza” decision by the Supreme Court, in Forbes this week.


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The controversy surrounding the reopening of school. Is it really that hard to find innovative ways to make sure all kids are learning? Remind yourself that it’s already happening among stellar school organizations. We have it on tape, right here. Send it to your favorite reporter, and to every district leader you know.


Enjoy your weekend, and remind yourself Why America is still the best country on earth. As we work toward establishing “a more perfect union” we must all work to protect, defend and preserve it, or watch it perish. We can all start by learning, and teaching what it’s about.

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