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CER in the News

Jeanne Allen’s take on the LA teacher strike deal
January 25, 2019

CER Founder and CEO Jeanne Allen was interviewed this week in light of the deal struck in Los Angeles that ended the teacher strike in the nation’s second largest school district. Jeanne discussed the politics of the strike as well as the implications of the deal. CER also spoke to journalists at  the Washington Post, […]

Jeanne Allen weighs in on possible LA teacher strike
January 11, 2019

CER Founder and CEO Jeanne Allen was featured in several publications this week regarding the upcoming teacher strike in Los Angeles, which is home to the second largest school district in the nation. The strike would affect nearly half a million students, their families and 63,000 district employees and would be the first in nearly […]

KABC-FM, Larry O’Connor Show: LA Teacher Strike
January 10, 2019

KABC-FM, Larry O’Connor Show January 10, 2019 Center for Education Reform founder Jeanne Allen responds on ‘LA Teacher Strike’ 

Press Releases

Opportunities Under Siege – National Charter Schools Week 2019: An Open Letter from Jeanne Allen

May 10, 2019

National Charter Schools Week 2019In the 28+ years since the founding of the charter school movement, tremendous progress has been made in the number of schools established, and in the wealth of innovative opportunities they offer to children, families, teachers and communities. In the 26 years CER has been leading the fight for innovation and […]

Keys to Success for Charter Schools Include Strong Legislators & Strong Laws
May 10, 2019

National Charter Schools Week 2019 Day 2Each year National Charter Schools Week gives charter advocates an opportunity not only to bring further attention to chartering and the myriad benefits it offers our children but to the elements critical for success. Let’s start the week with one major one – legislators.Having the dedicated support of legislators as charter […]

The UNIONS, and their impact on Teachers
May 10, 2019

National Charter Schools Week 2019 Day 3The National Education Association and the exceptionally hostile American Federation of Teachers (AFT) continue to stand in the way of progress.It’s no secret these two groups have always opposed and spread falsehoods about charters, working hard to convince teachers that they don’t serve kids. That has largely failed, but lately, […]