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CER in the News

Covid and the Catholic Schools
October 28, 2020

Rather than innovate, de Blasio plans to extricate himself from Covid’s challenges.

abc7: Distance learning not adding up for every student, experts say
September 22, 2020

"There were very little opportunities for parents to say well hold on, have you thought about the fact that we have to work as well or we're all going to be in the same house working." Michael Musante, from the Center for Education Reform, said. "Those decisions were made very high up and handed down."

Trump, DeVos raise school choice in appeal to vexed parents
September 14, 2020

“Education right now is under a microscope like never before, and the problem is that districts don’t work for most people,” Allen said. “Secretary DeVos is really fortunate to be in a position where the most important worldwide concern right now is at her feet to handle as she might see fit.”

Press Releases

New Legal Analysis of Espinoza Decision: Paves the Way for Choice
November 12, 2020

Expert Legal Analysis on Supreme Court Education Decision, Espinoza v Montana Department of Revenue, Released

America’s Students Are Still Being Denied the Educational Excellence They Need
October 27, 2020

The latest NAEP report will likely shock our collective conscience.

Study Finds Conditions Lacking For Parent Engagement In Most States
September 15, 2020

2020 Parent Power! Index codifies the realities of system deficiencies.