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The nation’s “Top Ten” states that provide more expansive opportunities for parents also tend to yield higher growth rates in student achievement, according to the most recent national rankings on the Parent Power Index©.


Lessons for Louisiana from Florida’s K-12 Education Revolution
by Matthew Ladner, PhD, March 2012, sponsored by The Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice and the Pelican Institute for Public Policy

Florida’s student achievement successes cannot be attributed to a single reform, but rather an array of reforms that, taken together, boost student learning. This report explores those education reforms and suggests Louisiana take heed to increase student outcomes.

Data from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) exams demonstrate the benefits of Florida’s comprehensive set of education reforms. Evidence regarding the efficacy of parental choice programs around the nation is also provided.

Florida Defeats the Skeptics
by Marcus A. Winters, Education Next, Fall 2012

Florida’s gains in reading and math achievement, as measured by the National Assessment of Educational Progress, show genuine progress in the Sunshine State.

Florida’s Lessons for Indiana K-12 Reform
by Matthew Ladner, September 2009, Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice

This study looks at the cumulative impact of Florida education reforms ten years after pro-reform Governor Jeb Bush’s election, and suggests how they could be emulated in Indiana.