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February 9, 2012
The Obama administration will free 10 states from some of the law's toughest requirements. Read more »
February 8, 2012
Both proposals address last year's Georgia Supreme Court ruling, declaring unconstitutional the Georgia Charter School Commission. Read more »
February 8, 2012
Two proposals to change the way WA evaluates teachers are back in play after being blocked last week by the statehouse education committee chairs. Read more »
February 7, 2012
President Obama will unveil a plan to invest $100 million to help train new science and math teachers. Read more »
February 2, 2012
Legislation would give districts a handy new excuse to deny petitions for charter schools. Read more »
February 1, 2012
Minnesota now joins several states looking to change long-standing seniority rules for teachers. Read more »
January 31, 2012
Lobbying intensifies over a proposed constitutional amendment that could re-establish the state's power to approve and fund charter schools. Read more »
January 27, 2012
Proponents tout Parent Trigger legislation as a "parents bill of rights." Read more »
January 23, 2012
Measure would let parents vote to turn public schools over to charter operators. Read more »
January 23, 2012
Online students outperformed their traditional-school peers on AP tests in 2011, and at less cost, new studies show. Read more »